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In South Africa

Simon Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in Printed Textiles

I was recently back in South Africa after ten years away, with a unique opportunity to extend my research into dress and textiles beyond East Africa and Madagascar. I used to live and work in Kenya so this is where my interest developed – it resulted in a PhD.

picture1bOn the Street, Maboneng – A thriving fashion and vintage scene in the city. Continue reading


Learning to weave a kilim in Turkey

Wendy Kotenko is Senior Technician for Weave

I have worked as the weave technician at Falmouth University for ten years where I enjoy practising and sharing traditional skills of weaving and dyeing.

I love to travel and experience different cultures and their textile techniques and recently went to Turkey with an interesting company who make this possible. www.caravanturkey.com

The following pictures of my trip show how I learnt kilim weaving with local crafts people. I asked to make a kilim rather than a carpet piece so you could do that as well. You can learn cooking too, and other things – even belly dancing!

You can choose what you want to learn or combine a couple of things or just go for a day’s workshop if you don’t want to stay at the place. The village is called Gokpinar. The place you stay is in a lovely area in a mountainous part of the country, but not far from the coast  (Bodrum is the closest tourist town) away from the tourist places. I think the villages used by this company are preserved specially to show the traditional culture, so they can show tourists traditional life. Nomadic people have settled there and are mainly farmers.

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The One Pocket Manifesto

Adam Grice is Senior Technician for Graphics, Web and Film at the Fashion & Textiles Institute.

I’ve always been fascinated by pockets…

Deriving their name from the Norman diminutive of the Old French word ‘Poke’ (the modern French word is poche) a pocket is a bag or envelope-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted into an article of clothing to hold small items. One also finds them attached to luggage, satchels and similar.

With origins shrouded in the mists of time (the oldest known European mummy – circa 3,300 BC was discovered on the border between Austria and Italy with a pouch sewn to his belt) the full extent of the pocket’s history is as much a mystery as what might be contained within…

Over time the separate bag or pouch has been incorporated into our garments and our collective consciousness. In European clothing they have evolved from the ‘fitchets’ of the 13th century (a slit in a garment designed to give easy access to a purse or keys kept safe within), to pouches worn like a purse on a belt under an overcoat or tunic to deter thieves.

In modern apparel we enjoy watch pockets, patch pockets, flap pockets, welt pockets, jetted pockets, inset pockets, bellows pockets, waterproof pockets to name but a few.

Mixed Pockets

The simplicity, the versatility, the practical, utilitarian functionality of the pocket is a thing of wonder. Who among us has not squirreled away a handful of loose change, pocketed a bunch of keys or deposited a keepsake in a garment cavity? Continue reading

Even more ways to impress us at interview

Compiled by Di Downs, Head of Textile Design and Fashion Marketing.

Last week’s post 6 ways to impress me at interview offers valuable advice for applicants to any course, but was written from the perspective of textile design. We promised an insight into what to consider if you are interviewed for other fashion and textiles institute courses at Falmouth, so we asked some of the interviewers for our courses ‘what are you really looking for in an applicant to your course’? Continue reading

6 ways to impress me at interview

Sally-Ann Gill is Senior Lecturer on BA(Hons) Textile Design.

We’ll run a piece about being interviewed for other Fashion & Textiles Institute courses soon too – look out for it!

As senior lecturer and first year co-ordinator on the Textile Design course, I get to interview most of our new applicants. I thought it would be useful to offer an insight into how your interview can make a positive impression. So here are 6 ways to impress me at interview:

How To Impress at Interview.png1)Be memorable. I interviewed a student some years ago who was wearing a beautiful handmade Peter Pan collared blouse. That might sound unremarkable but it suited her enormously and really complemented her personality. Her work was equally as smart and as well presented as she was but the truth is, years later, I remember more about what she was wearing that day than her actual work. She made an impression on me, I accepted her onto the course and she flourished and bloomed into a brilliant and successful designer with her own style.

(This is what a Peter Pan collar looks like.)

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Objects Tell Stories

Dr Kate Strasdin is Senior Lecturer in Histories and Theories at Falmouth University and Deputy Curator at Totnes Fashion and Textiles Museum.

Picture1.pngI will happily admit that I am an ‘old stuff’ nerd. As a young kid with an over-active imagination, I found objects utterly fascinating – I wanted to know how they had been used or made or worn and why. As I grew older this focused specifically on dress and textiles. Why did women wear corsets? Why did men shave their heads and sport a powdered wig? What is a crinoline all about? This has persisted into my adult life and luckily I was able to make an actual career out of it, not just teaching this as a subject to Falmouth University students, but the curating of objects too at the Totnes Fashion and Textile Museum in Devon. Continue reading

UN Orange label project

Congratulations to  Fashion Design student, Chantelle Annonuevo  for placing first in the Orange Label Project Fashion Film competition – a collaboration between LCF and the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UN Trust Fund).

The project marks their 20th anniversary, and engages the issue of violence against women with new audiences, particularly young people, through a series of creative activities.

Further congratulations to Esmee Joinson –Evans, Fashion Marketing  who came third for Illustration – we are as you can imagine delighted to sit alongside winners from LCF, The Pearl Academy, Bunka, Ryerson and the Hong Kong Design Institute. 

Read more about the UN Trust Fund to end Violence Against Women here : http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/about/better-lives/un-orange-label-project-fashion-says-no-to-violence-against-women/

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Looking for inspiration…

Clare Ball is Senior Lecturer on Fashion Photography at Falmouth

Finding inspiration for the next photoshoot is always a challenge, especially when you are up against the pressure of a deadline!  Many wasted hours can be spent staring into the pages of magazines and trawling through the vastness of the internet, fruitlessly hunting for that spark that will generate your next big, creative idea – that just won’t materialise.

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What do I look for in applicants?

Di Downs is Head of Textile Design and Fashion Marketing.

I have a friend who, having grown up in a large energetic family, is hard wired to turn almost every everyday occurrence into a game or competition. So in the car we are challenged to guess how many empty pallets will be stacked outside the builder’s merchant when we drive past, how many empty crates at the back door of the pub. Sitting around the kitchen table you might suddenly be asked: what would you do if (some ludicrously improbable event, like a crazed bull rushing in the back door) happened right now? And eventually: if you could only use one word to describe such and such, what would it be? Continue reading

How I got where I am today…

Freya Moses is Senior Technician in Printed Textiles at Falmouth University

I could use this opportunity talk about my role here at Falmouth University or even about my own design work, my influences, or my design process but what I would like to do is talk about how I got to this point.

This is me.

fti-blog-freya-moses-1Portrait from Freya Momomoses X Dom Moore photography shoot Continue reading