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Food For Thought

Textile Design at Falmouth loves to welcome our graduates back to speak to us. Designers, buyers, product developers, arts administrators, quality controllers, stylists, teachers, entrepreneurs – our talented graduates have a knack of finding just the right place for themselves in the creative industries. We love to hear their stories and be inspired by their talents, their experiences, their ingenuity and determination.

This month Sabrina Shirazi held us spellbound with her energy and forcefulness of character as she described her career trajectory since graduating. We always tell textile design students that nothing is irrelevant when it comes to researching ideas for designs and projects. Check out Sabrina’s latest project on this YouTube clip, and you’ll see that there isn’t much you can do creatively that makes a degree in textile design irrelevant either.



The Orchid Project

Tracy Pritchard is Director of The Fashion & Textiles Institute at Falmouth University.

Having Dawn French as our Chancellor ensures her staff are always on the ball when it comes to culture and laughter meeting hard-nosed reality. It was no surprise when a few of us were invited to her gorgeous home in Fowey one blustery winter’s Saturday a couple of weeks ago to listen to a topic that sits close to her heart: The Orchid Project, which is working to eliminate female genital cutting.

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The One Pocket Manifesto

Adam Grice is Senior Technician for Graphics, Web and Film at the Fashion & Textiles Institute.

I’ve always been fascinated by pockets…

Deriving their name from the Norman diminutive of the Old French word ‘Poke’ (the modern French word is poche) a pocket is a bag or envelope-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted into an article of clothing to hold small items. One also finds them attached to luggage, satchels and similar.

With origins shrouded in the mists of time (the oldest known European mummy – circa 3,300 BC was discovered on the border between Austria and Italy with a pouch sewn to his belt) the full extent of the pocket’s history is as much a mystery as what might be contained within…

Over time the separate bag or pouch has been incorporated into our garments and our collective consciousness. In European clothing they have evolved from the ‘fitchets’ of the 13th century (a slit in a garment designed to give easy access to a purse or keys kept safe within), to pouches worn like a purse on a belt under an overcoat or tunic to deter thieves.

In modern apparel we enjoy watch pockets, patch pockets, flap pockets, welt pockets, jetted pockets, inset pockets, bellows pockets, waterproof pockets to name but a few.

Mixed Pockets

The simplicity, the versatility, the practical, utilitarian functionality of the pocket is a thing of wonder. Who among us has not squirreled away a handful of loose change, pocketed a bunch of keys or deposited a keepsake in a garment cavity? Continue reading

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We’ve just published a new video on the Falmouth website, you can check it out here and follow our students on a journey through the Design Centre – home of The Fashion and Textiles Institute!

Big thanks to all the students, staff and the video team for all the hard work creating this.

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New Year in Autumn

Tracy Pritchard is Director of The Fashion & Textiles Institute at Falmouth University.

Since moving from industry to education it seems I have fallen into the habit of celebrating new year in the autumn. It also happens to be my favorite time of year, despite – as well as because of – it being a time of sleeping, hibernating and restoration. In education though this sense of slow settling before the onset of winter is more than balanced by the new life that arrives at the start of the new term. And nowhere more so than at Falmouth where the university town wakes up to the new wind of creative talent that arrives so freshly, bringing with it the latest air of autumnal colour and artistic vitality.

At the start of the new term in September our freshers enjoyed a week of meeting and mingling, some making a visit to the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St Ives, whilst others surfed, sketched, danced and partied to the backdrop of the St Ives Festival. Settling back down then into everyday studies, the Fashion and Textile Design Center rapidly came alive again with its 500+ students as the machinery was switched on and the cutting tables and print tables once more began to shimmer with textures and colour. New staff grace our work rooms and the first student designs have emerged out of research books to populate the landscape that will be graduation collections, final presentations and London shows. It is little wonder then that, from the perspective of our Falmouth environment, I embrace this time of year as one of celebration and excitement.