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Images of Japan

Sarah E. Braddock Clarke is an Author, a Curator and Senior Lecturer for Fashion Design & Sportswear Design at the Fashion and Textiles Institute

Fascinated by Japanese art, design, thinking, and culture for many years, a recent research visit led me to Yokohama – just south of Tokyo in Tokyo Bay –  and also to Tokyo itself.

Here are some of the visuals I came across on my daily meetings and work with many Japanese professionals – from Japanese professors to designers at NUNO Corporation and the fantastically eccentric team at Liberty Japan.

I walked in between my meetings and got to know the different districts and took some photographs along the way. What is apparent from these few images is the two sides that co-exist in Japan’s main cities:

  • the traditional and the technological
  • the spiritual and the materialistic
  • the ancient and the futuristic

Here are some of my observations:

picture1A glimpse of Chinatown, Yokohama – apparently the largest chinatown in Japan Continue reading


Even more ways to impress us at interview

Compiled by Di Downs, Head of Textile Design and Fashion Marketing.

Last week’s post 6 ways to impress me at interview offers valuable advice for applicants to any course, but was written from the perspective of textile design. We promised an insight into what to consider if you are interviewed for other fashion and textiles institute courses at Falmouth, so we asked some of the interviewers for our courses ‘what are you really looking for in an applicant to your course’? Continue reading