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In South Africa

Simon Clarke is a Senior Lecturer in Printed Textiles

I was recently back in South Africa after ten years away, with a unique opportunity to extend my research into dress and textiles beyond East Africa and Madagascar. I used to live and work in Kenya so this is where my interest developed – it resulted in a PhD.

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Learning to weave a kilim in Turkey

Wendy Kotenko is Senior Technician for Weave

I have worked as the weave technician at Falmouth University for ten years where I enjoy practising and sharing traditional skills of weaving and dyeing.

I love to travel and experience different cultures and their textile techniques and recently went to Turkey with an interesting company who make this possible.

The following pictures of my trip show how I learnt kilim weaving with local crafts people. I asked to make a kilim rather than a carpet piece so you could do that as well. You can learn cooking too, and other things – even belly dancing!

You can choose what you want to learn or combine a couple of things or just go for a day’s workshop if you don’t want to stay at the place. The village is called Gokpinar. The place you stay is in a lovely area in a mountainous part of the country, but not far from the coast  (Bodrum is the closest tourist town) away from the tourist places. I think the villages used by this company are preserved specially to show the traditional culture, so they can show tourists traditional life. Nomadic people have settled there and are mainly farmers.

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Life, Death and Bananas

Peter Doubleday is a Senior Technician for Fashion and Sportswear Design


Isle of The Dead

 Arnold Bocklin 1880

Outside of my role here as a Senior Technician I also have my own creative practice. I originally trained as a painter and printmaker doing a Fine Art degree and later a Photography MA. My recent work has applied traditional printmaking techniques to photographic imagery. This blog post is a look at some of this work. Continue reading

Three Lands – Three Laces

Irene Griffin is the Senior Technical Instructor for Mixed Media and Natural Dyes. 

In today’s world of mass-produced ‘fast’ fabrics it seems really important to keep connected to historic and traditional textile processes.  To me they are as indicative of a nation’s creative identity as their language, food and architecture. In the last couple of years my knowledge of textiles from other countries has increased, as I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of travelling.  During my visits I’ve actively sought the cloth, embroidery and anything textile related that represents each place and been pleasantly surprised most times. From iconic Icelandic jumpers in Reykjavik to the florid bejewelled evening gowns I saw in Palermo – one thing became clear – each nation has its own version of ‘ornament’ – a pattern language that speaks through fibre and craft.

One common ‘thread’ I found on my travels was lace. Decorative, time-consuming and costly when hand-made, over time machinery has found a way to replicate the dainty intricacies of this famously feminine fabric trim.

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My first term in Cornwall.

Geertje Dreijerink is Senior Lecturer on Fashion Design


My first visit to Cornwall was in July, when I came over for my interview. I took the train down from London Paddington, not having ventured out much further than Reading before, which as you might know, is the first stop after London – it takes about twenty minutes! The rest of the five-hour journey was a sunny ride exploring the countryside from my window seat, taking in the beautiful bits where the track follows the coast leaving Exeter, the sloping, grey terraces of Plymouth and crossing Tamar Bridge into Cornwall. Continue reading

Looking for inspiration…

Clare Ball is Senior Lecturer on Fashion Photography at Falmouth

Finding inspiration for the next photoshoot is always a challenge, especially when you are up against the pressure of a deadline!  Many wasted hours can be spent staring into the pages of magazines and trawling through the vastness of the internet, fruitlessly hunting for that spark that will generate your next big, creative idea – that just won’t materialise.

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How I got where I am today…

Freya Moses is Senior Technician in Printed Textiles at Falmouth University

I could use this opportunity talk about my role here at Falmouth University or even about my own design work, my influences, or my design process but what I would like to do is talk about how I got to this point.

This is me.

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