My first term in Cornwall.

Geertje Dreijerink is Senior Lecturer on Fashion Design


My first visit to Cornwall was in July, when I came over for my interview. I took the train down from London Paddington, not having ventured out much further than Reading before, which as you might know, is the first stop after London – it takes about twenty minutes! The rest of the five-hour journey was a sunny ride exploring the countryside from my window seat, taking in the beautiful bits where the track follows the coast leaving Exeter, the sloping, grey terraces of Plymouth and crossing Tamar Bridge into Cornwall.

After my meeting in Penryn I got a tour around Falmouth Campus, ending at Gylly Beach with a decision to make. I went for a stroll around the village, which was showered in sunshine, bunting and tropical foliage. Having lived in Hackney, London for the last seven and a half years with a bedroom view facing a parking lot, I was easily swayed.

Since moving here in September it still feels like I am on holiday every weekend. I have recently joined a car share scheme, so I can get out of town whenever I fancy discovering the overwhelming landscapes. My native country The Netherlands is beautiful as well, with long sandy beaches and dunes where you can walk for miles, but it is relatively flat compared to the Cornish coast. I have started exploring sections of the South West Coastal Path and seem to have developed a fascination for documenting mosses, which might somehow feed into my personal work.

When deciding if Falmouth is the place for you, I would say: “Why not?”

So far I’ve experienced the University as a friendly and welcoming place. I work with extremely knowledgeable and intriguing colleagues, who have interesting stories to share. The Design Centre is a lovely place to spend your days, observing the mix of students from different courses at work. There is an ease of meeting people from different departments and there are interesting events you can attend from the different Schools. I’m looking forward to my next term!


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