Looking for inspiration…

Clare Ball is Senior Lecturer on Fashion Photography at Falmouth

Finding inspiration for the next photoshoot is always a challenge, especially when you are up against the pressure of a deadline!  Many wasted hours can be spent staring into the pages of magazines and trawling through the vastness of the internet, fruitlessly hunting for that spark that will generate your next big, creative idea – that just won’t materialise.

When this frustration hits, I look to the inspiration that is available on my doorstep – I am lucky enough to have 24/7 access to beautiful, unspoilt countryside that is always a source of wonder and certainly my main inspiration.  The golden hues in a summer meadow, the grungy feel of a ruined rampart or the calm of a misty sea…all these amazing sights can provide the nudge I need to design a lighting set-up, find a new interesting location or plan the post-production of the next shoot.

So whenever technology fails to inspire me and I need a creative push in the right direction I grab my camera and take a wander to see just what might just be around the next corner…


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